Fort Belvoir Jewish Congregation


Service Location
5950 12th St, 101
Fort Belvoir, VA 22060

Service Schedule
Rosh Hashanah
9/20 First Night: 7:00pm
9/21 Day 1: 9:30am
9/21 Second Night: 7:00pm
9/22 Day 2: 9:30am

Yom Kippur
9/29 Kol Nidre: 6:30pm
9/30 Yom Kippur: 9:30am

No cost for tickets
Tickets will be held at will call- be sure to bring ID
Recommended to bring children for children’s services at 11am

Metro accessible via Springfield/Franconia (blue) & Huntington (Yellow line)
Bus accessible via DASH
Parking available across from chapel

Break fast at 7:30pm, $10/person

Additional Details
Congregation is open to DoD, military, reserve, and guard employees
Limited young professional community
Prayer books available

Note: Fort Belvoir is a military congregation.   Civilian  members may attend, but we are a DoD facility.  Photo ID is a must to get on post. Allow 45 minutes for security measures.

Purchase tickets for Fort Belvoir Jewish Congregation here.